Very few young people and youth groups in townships and the inner city have ever attended or participated in the large, mainstream arts festivals occurring throughout the country. Thus most have never seen the inside of, or performed inside a proper theatre before. The main reason for the overwhelming majority not attending these festivals is the cost involved and location of the festivals. This is why the festival is hosted in recognised professional theatres, such as the Windybrow theatre, the Market Theatre Laboratory and this year the Victory Theatre.

The festival was created to provide a large platform for young artists to showcase their work on a professional stage, while also being accessible for youth to attend, both in terms of cost and location as they come and watch the performances free of charge. 


The primary goals of the festival are to:

  1. Assist in the development of performing arts among youth in the townships and inner city
  2. Promote excellence in the performing arts through positive competition among youth
  3. provide a platform for youth to showcase their talent

The secondary goals of the festival are to:

  1. Celebrate Heritage month through celebrating various performing arts
  2. Give the youth a constructive means of spending their time during school holidays