GYPAF 2011 is a free festival for youth to participate either by performing or watching the performances. Youth do not pay to register, watch performances or to eat. The onus is upon the festival organisers to source the funds and resources to make the festival happen, and to make it a great success.

It is through the assistance of the ‘Friends of GYPAF’  that we ensured that the festival not only happened, but that was a rounding success, beyond our expectations. 


Should you wish to make a donation, whether it be a financial donation, donation in kind via goods or paying a cost directly to suppliers on behalf of the festival, we would appreciate that. Please contact our office for a full line-by-line budget, wherein you can choose what to support and the manner in which the support will be lent.


A saying by the Tembo people of the DRC says “Keshi walyire kataeraTranslated into English it says “A debt is not a loss once one knows the debtor” which means that the one who gives to you is the one who values you and puts his confidence in you; the one who gives out his goods to his fellow in need knows that he is not losing; but in the exercise of generosity and sharing, his act will be reciprocated. The Friends of GYPAF do just that: they value our efforts and put their confidence in us, they provide goods and means to us in our moment of need. As stated on the Sponsor banner “your generosity ensures our Prosperity.” It is truly through the generosity of individuals and companies that the festival has been successful over the past three years, and I am sure that the 2010 festival will be even better than the past three years.And for that, we all at the Gauteng Youth Performing Arts Festival 2011 wish to thank you in advance for your generosity.

For more information please contact us at