There will essentially be 5 activities at the festival in 2011, namely

  1. Performances
  2. Award ceremony
  3. Eating: Lunch will be served daily for performers
  4. Motivational speakers


Performances will be in one of the following 4 performance genres

    • Contemporary dance
    • Traditional dance
    • Poetry
    • Drama / acting

Each genre will have its own specific day of performances. All the performances will begin at 10am, and end at 17h00. Youth not performing at all in the festival and the general public are welcome to come and watch everyday, free of charge.


There will be an award ceremony where best performing individual artists and groups in each of the 4 performing categories will be recognised and awarded trophies.

3. EATING:  Lunch

Lunch will be served at 13h00 until 13h45 daily, and it will be served to performing groups. All the food lunch will be provided free of charge.


Each day, there will be a motivational speaker who will deliver a message of encouragement and motivation to the youth in attendance at the festival. The speakers are all established and recognised artists in the performing arts/entertainment industry. The central message that is delivered is "Talent alone is not enough to succeed in the performing arts industry. It takes hardwork, perseverance and constantly working at the craft to succeed in the performing arts."